Self vs. World?

I get it. This year has been crazy: Brexit and Trump (and Leicester City winning the Premier League). It’s easy to say that the structures are failing/falling, that the structures aren’t working. That’s all well and good to a certain point… I worry though.

Do we not lose track of the individual in all of this discussion. Regardless of everything going on around us, I still exist, and so do you. The self still has itself and Other ‘selfs’ in the world and this is more comfort and reassurance than any structure will ever give to us. I know Brexit is going to have an affect on my future in some way (what exactly remains to be seen). But blaming it isn’t going to help your self, your growth as a person, your Being-a-person!? There certainly is a place for protest and dissatisfaction within democracy, of course we are entitled to the right to free speech. But don’t let it let you lose track of your self.

We are entitled to the right to bare responsibility. Perhaps this is the most scary thing about liberty. You still have your desires, your goals, your process of self-realisation to ‘do’. Regardless of what is going on around you. You are responsible for these things. Don’t  blame the media or anyone else. Go out there yourself and exercise your responsibility, your right and ability to think FOR YOUR SELF! This isn’t to say that the world is to be reduced to a solipsistic ego-centric place, all it is meant to reinforce is that the Self should not and must not get lost in the game of ‘pass the blame’.

Structures in society help a lot in allowing us to compartmentalise a load of things which we would otherwise be lost in. Let structures guide you, let them help you where they can, but they cannot be dictators of how to live your life. Passing the blame on to them only exposes your lack of responsibility for your self.

I know I’m young, and a lot of things in the world still don’t really mean much to me. Maybe this is an idealistic view. But that’s okay. If it resonates to some degree to some people, that’s fine with me.

I wrote a poem along these lines called ‘I in This World’, you can read it below if you want.


I in This World

I find myself in this world.
In this world with other ‘I’s.
‘I’s become ‘you’s and
‘you’s become us. Stop

Us; in this world of
comings and goings, of
wants and desires. But –
Still. There is us.

In you I try to find that
Other which helps the I
escape from the you.
(I exist in this World).

There is an Other in this
World. The Other is I.
I Other everyone but I.
Look inside.

The greatest Other I will ever
find is self.
– Have you even looked for
that I? (Really?)

We hide behind the blame
which we ascribe to every-
one, aside from

The greatest lie in our
life is that we are not to
blame. Look within and
find that I. (Pause)

Finding that elusive I
can be the only task, for
with I comes you, and with
you, us. Then the world.

Who is to blame?
Who can we blame?
Society, structures, Them –
Anyone but I.

How wrong can this be!
For I exist in this world –
I find myself in this world.
I am. Free

Free to be, to grow, to blame.
We subliminally blame the
liminal structures. But –
I am. Sublime.

Sublime but blind to see
that all that can ever be
is I. Find I and the rest is easy.
Class struggle? Self-struggle, please.

Don’t talk to me about the Others.
I want to know I. Let me look in
your eyes to find your I – self.
Selfish, fetish to find I.

Conclusion: Who is to blame? I
am. Who can be? Me. I can be.
Be free to be you and I can be I
then we can be us.

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